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Health, Safety and Environmental Policy 

Human impacts on the environment and landscape is constantly intensified. Environmental protection became a burning problem for our society with our effect upon it. To survive, the mankind has to renew the lost link with the world around, which we are a part of.
 This is precisely why Region Company provides its services not only qualitatively and quickly, but safely, as environment protection and maintaining the ecological balance are vital issues.

To protect the environment does not necessarily mean to keep it intact, as the mankind is forced to continue exploiting natural resources for normal life necessities. To Region's opinion environmental security involves maintaining the balance between the use and recovery, as well as attitude of care towards biosphere resources. We try not to disturb the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the matters cycle and do not change the historical formed environment bioproductivity.
Region Company keeps a tight rein on services quality and safety when servicing oil and gas wells. The performance in a professional manner is evidenced by a number of Certificates.

ISO 9001 is our Company Quality Management System compound. Therefore, we focus on providing services to the oil and gas companies with quality level answering customers' expectations. Maintaining high reputation contributes to investments attractiveness, provides benefits for participation in tenders and competitions, and assists in the promotion on international market. We are intent to enhance the effectiveness of quality management processes and improve the operations in an effort to enhance our competitiveness. The result is that Region is considered a reliable and stable partner in the market. ISO 9001 is also a guarantee of an optimized use of available resources, improvement of organizational performance and customer confidence.

Region compliance to ISO 14000 is implemented in minimization of adverse impacts on the environment and rational use of natural resources. We carry on our activity controlling and normalizing effect on the environment, focusing on the formation and development of environmentally sound production, and introduction of an ecological culture. To reduce the negative impact on nature, as well as to reduce waste generation, Region maintains a strict control of materials used in operations, ensures availability of all necessary equipment, including, for instance, waste liquids receiving tank for their subsequent safe disposal.
Due to modern laboratory equipment and highly trained personnel, we perform some surveys prior to each operation, which are aimed at optimizing the chemical compositions in order to reduce ecological backlash. We use only those materials which use is permitted only in places of work and agreed with the officials of the Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Health. The receipt control of all materials to their full compliance with the accompanying documents is essential during performance.
Sufficient technological and financial resources are allocated to increase the effectiveness of environmental policies; personnel are trained systematically.
Considering all the legal requirements and realizing the importance of preventing resources exhaustion, we seek to continuous improvement of environmental management system.

Compliance to OHSAS 18001 certifies that Region thoroughly monitors the factors of production and occupational risks, cares of personnel safety on site. In order to avoid industrial accidents, the Company treats approach to personnel health care and occupational safety within the organization in a complex way. Policy of interaction with personnel is based on the principles of stability, integrity and reliability.
The systems approach, inherent in OHSAS 18001 allows reducing risks of workers break-down related to their professional activities.
OHSAS also allows structuring of occupational health and safety management mechanism, and meet regulatory compliance. Reliable and stable system of management, willingness to dynamic response reduces accidents risk and as a result it improves overall efficiency.

Availability of relevant certificates is an effective indicator and Region service quality regulator. We aim to increase the level of technological discipline further; to develop feedback from consumers, to improve the system of quantitative and qualitative criteria of production stability; clearly identify those sections of the process, which directly affect the final performance results and are subject to mandatory certification.

Industry is the soul of business and the keystone of prosperity
by Charles Dickens