Hydraulic Jet Perforation

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Region LLC renders services on hydraulic jet perforation, using methods of traditional tubing conveyed perforation and small-diameter CT unit for perforating operations.

During hydraulic jet perforation sand-fluid mixture is delivered into the coiled tubing – gushing from a perforation nozzle, it formulates a highly abrasive jet that can easily penetrate into the slot in one or more cemented casings. Typical sand concentration in the mixture is 30-60 kg/m3. Unlike conventional cumulative perforation, hydraulic jet perforation allows for more effective connection with the layer and deeper perforation channeling. It also significantly reduces the production string exposure to impact loading that is critical in case of poor casing cementing.

Typical performance parameters are stated in the following table:

Parameters Tubing conveyed perforation (TCP) Coiled-tubing (CT) perforation
1 Number of concurrent perforations 2


2 Number of perforations per meter 4 2-4
3 Maximum allowable number of perforations per one trip operation 20-40 36
4 Number of pumping units involved 2-4 1
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