Well Stimulation with Coiled-Tubing

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Region LLC offers a full package of services on coiled-tubing operations:

  • Downhole operations modelling and comprehensive work plan development;
  • Bottom-hole formation zone acid-treatment, including selective acid treatment while multiple zone production, foam-acid treatment, selection of chemical blends;
  • Nitrogen lift completion;
  • Tubing and production string clean-up with rotating nozzles and downhole motors;
  • Flexible drill-stem fishing;
  • Cement plug drilling out with coiled tubing;
  • Hydraulic jet perforation of casing

Using of coiled-tubing units is currently the most dynamic and adaptable streamlined production method of downhole operations. The main advantages of coiled tubing used jointly with nitrogen unit is its high efficiency and operating speed as well as guaranteed quality of work performance.

Global experience of coiled tubing application extends back over 35 years. And if coiled tubing was initially used for the simplest operations, like sand washing, today it helps to perform virtually the whole range of well servicing operations.

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