Sand Plug Washing

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Region LLC has full set of equipment for sand plug cleaning and washing.
Specialists of Region LLC, having considered well design and grain-size distribution, select fluid formulation to ensure particle returns to surface. In so doing, they pay special attention to the coiled tubing bottomhole assembly. We have rotating nozzles for plug washing, down hole assembly with motor and milling tool, ensuring destruction of ultimately solid sediments with metal inclusions.

Solids returns may be observed at many oilfields. Moreover, linear fluid velocity directed to tubing or lower section  of production string is often not sufficient for getting returns. All of these leads to accumulation of particles in the bottomhole and bridging. 

Region company can handle sand plug washing operations even in highly responsive wells in overbalanced conditions. In this case the operations are handled with nitrified fluid (nitric foam) that enables significantly relieve bottomhole pressure and ensure successful operations even in wells with no returns due to heavy losses.

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