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Company “Region” entered into “Ukrainian Petroleum Association”
“Ukrainian Petroleum Association was founded in 2010 as independent non-profit organization, voluntary association of oil and gas complex companies of Ukraine for the development of oil and gas industry, effective representation and protection of association members’ interests with legislative authorities in decision-making process by public authorities on business issues.Company “Region” as “Ukrainian Petroleum Association” member plans to play an active part in declared by organization Charter goals achievement, as well as take part in creation of common platform for cooperation in the oil and gas market of Ukraine with the aim to ensure the most favorable business environment and accelerate the development of the oil and gas industry in Ukraine.


Company “Region” participated in II-nd international conference “Modern Drilling Technologies: Horizontal Drilling, Wells Workover and Coiled Tubing”.
The report “Coiled tubing technologies of REGION company: experience and outlook” was presented at the conference. The report highlighted both proposed by the company traditional technologies application experience and innovative technologies with coiled tubing: hydrochloric acid fracturing, Velocity String (drowned wells with low debit operation technology), hydraulic jet perforation and tubing cutting with drilling string with internal pipe cutter.


Company “Region” performed RIH and cementing operations.
Company “Region”, while performing drilling in directional well in Poltava region, has completed RIH and cementing stage. Setting depth was 2200metres, volume of pumped cement slurry – 250 tones. Total planned depth of the well drilling is 5835 meters with vertical deviation 1000 meters.


Company “Region” has successfully undergone audit and confirmed international certificates  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.
National certification agency according to the results of regular audit has issued to “Region” updated certificates conformance to international standards ISO 9001 (quality management system), ISO 14001 (environmental management system) and OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety management system). Audit results confirmed once again high quality and safety of working processes organization and control in the company, and it was repeatedly marked out by company’s clients.


Company “Region” successfully completed drilling and completion with coiled tubing and nitrogen units of the well in Poltava region.
Objective well depth made up 5470 meters, well construction term – 221 days. Customer was satisfied with “Region’s” drilling quality and terms. Fluid influx came to a stable, predicted by geologists, level.


Plug drilling with coiled tubing unit and downhole drilling motor.
In March 2015 company “Region” successfully performed plug drilling operations in tubing and production string with bottom configuration consisting of motorhead, downhole drilling motor and mill. During geophysical survey before works performance logging tool was not pooled out of tubing – stacking-off was achieved.  The decision was taken to perform recover wellbore throughput flow capacity without expensive and longtime rig up workover rig usage, but with coiled tubing unit and downhole drilling motor. Such approach allowed recovering successfully wellbore throughput flow capacity and achieving connection with reservoir. The well was unloaded with nitrogen unit immediately after plug drilling performance. The works have been conducted in less than 4 days, than does not exceed workover rig up time, say nothing of trip operations.


One more acidizing for Poltava Petroleum Company.
Poltava Petroleum Company traditionally performs acidizing on completed wells. It allows eliminating formation pay zone damages, appearing due to mud contact and other factors. Such approach is traditional in USA and Canada, where intensification measures , such as acidizing or hydraulic fracturing, are   included into new well engineering. Experience shows that well intensification before putting into production allows maximum economic effect achieving.  Thus 12-18 February  Poltava Petroleum Company, using best world practices, conducted carbonate reservoir hydrochloric acidizing job on one of completed by drilling wells. Region’s coiled tubing and nitrogen units as well as acid-proof pumping unit were used for job conduction.  As well company “Region” performed laboratory tests, and optimal acid composition was achieved. The works were traditionally performed in strict adherence to plan of work and in the shortest terms.


Company Region has diversified services.
Company Region successfully brought into operation high-performance water heating unit. The above unit has shown an excellent performance during water heating operations for fracturing jobs at two Ukrainian wells in December 2014 – January 2015. Steam production of the unit is 2000 kg/hour. It allows liquid heating from 3°С up to 30°С during 4-5 hours.


Acidizing with coiled tubing unit for Poltava Petroleum Company.
At the end of December, 2014 company Region successfully conducted carbonate collector hydrochloric acidizing with coiled tubing and nitrogen units. Applied technology allowed the shortest terms of works conduction and putting the well into production. After acidizing and completion of the well high inflow was achieved. According to production volume JV “PPC” for years holds leading position among non-state companies of the industry.


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