Hydraulic fracturing

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Region Ltd offers a full package of services on hydraulic fracturing, including:

  • conventional fracturing with the fracture propped;
  • hydrochloric fracturing applied in Carboniferous reservoirs.  Due to chemical reaction of acid composition with the fracture surface conductive channels will be created, following discharge pressure relief (not preferable in “soft” and highly argillaceous  reservoirs);
  • acid fracturing (AF). Applied in Carboniferous reservoirs.  It is aimed at creation of system of conductive channels, extending outward from the main fracture;
  • oil-based fluid fracturing;
  • foaming agent fracturing. Applied in low pressure reservoirs. Apart from conventional fracturing equipment, high-duty nitrogen units are involved in this process.

Hydraulic fracturing is a process of fluid injection with rate and pressure high enough to induce formation fracturing. Following the fracture initiation, a pulp of proppant is injected into reservoir that allows the fracture stay open after discharge pressure relief. The fracture filled with proppant creates a channel - narrow but highly conductive for the formation fluid influx. Typical channel 2-3mm wide (for low-permeability reservoir) may come up to several hundreds of meters in length.

Creation of such a highly conductive channel ensures:

  • increase of well productivity through diversion from the initial damage to the near-wellbore area;
  • extension of drained area;
  • expansion of recoverable reserves.

In that way hydraulic fracturing does not alter the formation permeability, but rather creates a channel for the contact of formation fluids with a borehole.
Region LLC has a complete set of fracturing equipment and unmatched in Ukraine fleet of acid-resistive vessels of more than 400 m3 overall capacity.

Also you can watch a video about Hydraulic Fracturing Operation

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