Oil & gas well drilling

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Oil and gas well drilling. Directional drilling.
“Region” LLC offers services on drilling vertical, directional and horizontal boreholes.

The company’s engineering team performs jobs on well designing, selection of bit programs, selection of the required drilling tools, design and selection of drilling equipment for every specific project.

Our services:
Business- direction on drilling – on both rig-day and turnkey basis.
Our customers are also offered a range of auxiliary options:

  • Well control equipment;
  • Drilling data monitoring systems;
  • Rig-mobilizing machinery;
  • Customized well-site arrangement;
  • Cementing services;
  • Casing running (in order to run casings and tubing hangers in boreholes hydraulic tongs equipped with torque meters are used that ensures effective joint tightening, meeting pipe manufacturer requirements);
  • Fishing services (fishing operations aimed at pipe rapture, sucker rod or cable breakdown elimination as well as  other kinds of troubleshooting takes an important place during well  workover and drilling. The company performs fishing operations of any complexity, using state-of-art equipment);
  • Logging while drilling;
  • Drilling mud engineering support (field services include mixing of muds and killing fluids at the company’s laboratory facilities with consideration of specific well formation properties);
  • Core drilling (we have capabilities to  perform core drilling using modern technologies and tools)

Competitive advantages:

  • Availability of hydraulic tongs equipped with torque meters for casing and tubing running;
  • Killing fluid and drilling mud mixing unit;
  • Drilling mud and killing fluid cleaning unit (shale shakers, centrifuge, mud cleaner);
  • Triplex drilling pumps, 800 h.p;
  • Various kinds of BOP equipment and sets of adapters.
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