Well servicing and workover

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“Region” LLC performs all kinds of well servicing and workover operations:

 Well servicing:

  • We offer services on scheduled replacement of subsurface equipment (tubing lifts, sucker rod strings, gaslift, electrically driven centrifugal pumps, sucker-rod pumping units, screw well pumps);
  • Coiled tubing service;
  • Well stimulation operations (acid, selective acid, foam-acid treatment, water control, including behind-the-casing flows);
  • Well completion services, using a nitrogen unit.

Well workover:

  • Downhole troubleshooting;
  • Transition to under(over)laying horizons;
  • Cement plug setting;
  • Production casing patch;
  • Sidetracking;
  • Killing fluid mixing;
  • Cement squeeze.

“Region” LLC realizes well service and well workover projects, using mobile drilling rigs.

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