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Quality of our work is ensured by the synthesis of scientific knowledge and hands-on experience along with implementation of innovative technologies.
The competitiveness and reputation of our company as a reliable partner is ensured by high level of our professional team, severe conformity to quality and safety standards and modern management methods. Established in 2003, nowadays it holds a leading position in Ukraine.

Our Activity:

Hydraulic fracturing
Well servicing and workover
Oil & gas well drilling
Well Completion

The focus on action, desire to move forward quickly is the main quality to succeed in any field ...
General Director Katerynchuk Petr



REGION’s delegates will make a presentation at III International Conference “Coiled Tubing. Hydraulic Fracturing. Investments and Oil&gas Assets Management”
REGION’s representatives, permanent conference attendees, will make a presentation on the topic “Coiled tubing technologies implementation by Region in 2010-2016 review and methodology”. The conference will take place in Lviv on 25-26 May 2016 and gather coiled tubing and hydraulic fracturing market key players of Ukraine and abroad.


REGION participated in the deepest well of Ukraine rating
REGION’s representatives participated in the well and gas conditioning complex rating, working on the deepest well of Ukraine. The well is drilled up to 6750 meters and located at Semyrenkivske field of Poltava region. For well production enhancement REGION will perform service operations. According to Customer’s information the well will let to produce more than 100 thousand cubic meters of gas per day.


Region has treated carbonate collector with innovatyive acid solution.
Cleanout and acidizing operations with coiled tubing unit  on the well in Poltava region were successfully completed.  Acid solution for pickling into the well was custom designed by REGION’s chemical laboratory. Mentioned solution reacts with carbonate collector 120 times slower in comparison with 15% HCl. It allowed pickling into the well more than 20m3 of the solution with low initial rock permeability. Total pumping time was 6 hours. Solution and rock reaction kinetics significant retardation allowed effective formation treatment (working depth – 5300 m, temperature – 140 ⁰C). As a result well production rate 1.5 times increased.


Region completed waterproof  operations for the well with dual operation system.
Waterproof operations of water-saturated formation with coiled tubing unit on the well of LLC “ESKO-PIVNICH” were successfully completed. Works signature style was in water-saturated and gas-saturated formations proximity: neighbor formations interval was only 3 m with gas thickness 13 m. Coiled tubing works were complicated by presence of another tubing in production string due to well dual operation system. Thanks to professionalism and teamwork the project was successfully completed in time. It allowed the well production restart.


Region invites you to attend our stand at “Oil&Gas 2015” exhibition, which will take place 21-23 October at “AKKO International” exhibition center (#40-B Peremogy avenue, Kiev, Ukraine).
Exhibition opening times:
21-22 October – 10:00 – 17:00
23 October – 10:00 – 15:00
We will be glad to see you at our stand.


REGION performed hydrochloric acidizing of carbonate reservoir for Poltava Petroleum Company.
At the beginning of august 2015 company Region successfully performed hydrochloric acidizing operations of carbonate reservoir with coiled tubing and nitrogen units for Poltava Petroleum Company. Main distinctive aspect of these operations was big volume of concentrated acid usage. The planned result and the shortest terms of performance were achieved due to high professionalism of Region personnel and applied technology with compliance to all safety requirements.


Company “Region” mastered technology Velocity String.
Velocity String is the technology of drowned gas wells operation with low debit at the end of operation, when production string replacement is not cost efficient any more. This technology allows extending such wells operation due to fluid flow speed increase from the well because of CT minor diameter in comparison with used tubing. CT usage as production string allows shortening of time and expenses for surface and downhole equipment mounting and putting the wells on production.  Company REGION has already developed some designs of CT usage as Velocity String, which can be mounted into non-killed well, at that well flushing, completion and putting on production can be done in one trip.


Company “Region” entered into “Ukrainian Petroleum Association”
“Ukrainian Petroleum Association was founded in 2010 as independent non-profit organization, voluntary association of oil and gas complex companies of Ukraine for the development of oil and gas industry, effective representation and protection of association members’ interests with legislative authorities in decision-making process by public authorities on business issues.Company “Region” as “Ukrainian Petroleum Association” member plans to play an active part in declared by organization Charter goals achievement, as well as take part in creation of common platform for cooperation in the oil and gas market of Ukraine with the aim to ensure the most favorable business environment and accelerate the development of the oil and gas industry in Ukraine.


Company “Region” participated in II-nd international conference “Modern Drilling Technologies: Horizontal Drilling, Wells Workover and Coiled Tubing”.
The report “Coiled tubing technologies of REGION company: experience and outlook” was presented at the conference. The report highlighted both proposed by the company traditional technologies application experience and innovative technologies with coiled tubing: hydrochloric acid fracturing, Velocity String (drowned wells with low debit operation technology), hydraulic jet perforation and tubing cutting with drilling string with internal pipe cutter.


Company “Region” performed RIH and cementing operations.
Company “Region”, while performing drilling in directional well in Poltava region, has completed RIH and cementing stage. Setting depth was 2200metres, volume of pumped cement slurry – 250 tones. Total planned depth of the well drilling is 5835 meters with vertical deviation 1000 meters.


Company “Region” has successfully undergone audit and confirmed international certificates  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.
National certification agency according to the results of regular audit has issued to “Region” updated certificates conformance to international standards ISO 9001 (quality management system), ISO 14001 (environmental management system) and OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety management system). Audit results confirmed once again high quality and safety of working processes organization and control in the company, and it was repeatedly marked out by company’s clients.


Company “Region” successfully completed drilling and completion with coiled tubing and nitrogen units of the well in Poltava region.
Objective well depth made up 5470 meters, well construction term – 221 days. Customer was satisfied with “Region’s” drilling quality and terms. Fluid influx came to a stable, predicted by geologists, level.