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Quality of our work is ensured by the synthesis of scientific knowledge and hands-on experience along with implementation of innovative technologies.
The competitiveness and reputation of our company as a reliable partner is ensured by high level of our professional team, severe conformity to quality and safety standards and modern management methods. Established in 2003, nowadays it holds a leading position in Ukraine.

Our Activity:

Hydraulic fracturing
Well servicing and workover
Oil & gas well drilling
Well Completion

The focus on action, desire to move forward quickly is the main quality to succeed in any field ...
General Director Katerynchuk Petr



In November 2017 company Region in cooperation with company Haliburton successfully performed matrix acidizing operations on the well No.51 of Machuchske field for company DTEK NAFTOGAS.
It bears mentioning diligent approach of all parties while preparation of this tripartite project, which included machinery and equipment adaptation for working fluids and pumping pressure parameters, modeling of working fluids and reservoir interacting in situ, as well as based on the core materials and geological data composition preparation. Reservoir acidizing was performed on back pressure in the depth of 5300m with formation temperature 140 °С in conditions of abnormal formation pressure. As a result of successful work program performance, the well reached operation conditions very quickly and doubled its deposit characteristics.


We are all for a bill  #3096-д
 The nation needs step changes :)

Briefly – the law is necessary for wells land allocation acceleration and oil&gas projects regulatory approval simplification; that will facilitate investment activities in gas production segment, and, accordingly, state self-sufficiency in general.


Dear Partners and Colleagues!  
It is a great pleasure for us to congratulate you on our professional holiday of the Oil, Gas and Oil Refining Industry!

We wish you new achievements in your every day work! Good health , family well-being and inspiration for great achievements!
We wish your faithful friends and reliable partners always be with you!
Peace and harmony for you and your Families!!


Congratulation on Geologist Day!
Dear Partners and Colleagues! With all our hearts congratulate you with your professional holiday – Geologist Day!
We wish you success and operational excellence, new experience and rich deposits, interesting work and unforgettable memories! Let your work to be highly valued. Health, happiness and prosperity!


REGION’s representative delivered a report at the conference “SNUBBING: New Technologies of Effective Wells Workover” (Poltava, Ukraine).
Report’s subject: “Special Aspects of Flanged Type Fittings Adaptation to Snubbing Technologies. Velocity String Technology Use Experience”


Region started gas well drilling in Poltava region (Ukraine).
Well construction is conducted by direction drilling method. Estimated well depth of 5628m is planned to be reached in tight timeline. The drilling is performed by rebuilt rig equipped with top drive system, mud pumps with 1300HP capacity and 4-stage cleaning system. Latest generation drilling bits, showing high results in durability and cutting speed, which has been proved in previous jobs of the company, as well as clayless muds are used.  Pit-free drilling, which means total refusal of drilling waste storage on the wellsite, matches the highest ecological standards.


Happy New Year!
Dear Partners! We sincerely congratulate you and your team with Christmas and New Year holidays! Let the New Year be generous for interesting events and business achievements. May there be new victories and unflagging optimism! We wish you and your families’ happiness, joy and peace in every home!


REGION invites you to attend our stand at “Oil&Gas 2016” exhibition (October 25-27, Kiev)
Region invites you to attend our stand at “Oil&Gas 2016” exhibition, which will take place 25-27 October at “AKKO International” exhibition center (#40-B Peremogy avenue, Kiev, Ukraine).
Exhibition opening times:
25-26 October – 10:00 – 17:00
27 October – 10:00 – 15:00

We will be glad to see you at our stand.


REGION upgrades drilling equipment and brings into operation  350 tones capacity Top Drive System.
REGION purchased new hydraulic Top Drive System by X-treme Energy Group (Canada) origin with 350 tones capacity. Top Drive System is designed to fast and stable drilling of vertical, deviated and horizontal wells.
Using of Top Drive System will allow performing drilling process at a totally new level with additional operations quantity reducing and enhanced security.  
Thanks to Top Drive System implementation REGION plans to shorten significantly terms of wells drilling and putting into production by the customers.


Oil and Gas Industry Employee day of Ukraine!
Dear Partners and Colleagues!
Allow us to extend sincere congratulations to you and all your team for the occasion of our professional holiday – Oil and Gas Industry Employee day of Ukraine! On this festive occasion we would like to wish you perfect health, lots of fruitful and effective work, prosperity, peace and stability for you and your families, optimism and inspiration! Peace for Ukraine, peace for your families, peace for your hearts!


Region’s public activities: financial support of Kharkov pupils’ team participation in 29th International Young Physicists Tournament.
29th International Young Physicists Tournament (IYPT–2016) took place in Yekaterinburg (Russian Federation) from June 26th to July 3rd at the premises of Ural Federal University. About 200 pupils within teams from 29 countries took part in the competition. Representatives of three more countries participated in the tournament as observers.  In total 29th International Young Physicists Tournament gathered more than 320 physics enthusiasts, among which are pupils-winners of the relevant national competitions, leading teachers, famous scientists as well as competition master enthusiasts. The tournament was well organized, with inviting atmosphere, on high scientific level. Ukraine on the tournament was represented by team of Kharkov Lyceum No. 161 «Impulse» of Kharkov Municipal Board of Kharkov region. According to the competition results Ukrainian team hit top 10 and won bronze medal. As a result Ukrainian team got ahead of such traditional and rather strong competitors as tams of Russia, Belarus and Georgia.
Congratulations on a VICTORY!


REGION’s delegates will make a presentation at III International Conference “Coiled Tubing. Hydraulic Fracturing. Investments and Oil&gas Assets Management”
REGION’s representatives, permanent conference attendees, will make a presentation on the topic “Coiled tubing technologies implementation by Region in 2010-2016 review and methodology”. The conference will take place in Lviv on 25-26 May 2016 and gather coiled tubing and hydraulic fracturing market key players of Ukraine and abroad.